VIP Horse racing betting offers

Do you want to join the VIP club for high rollers and active players? Do you want to get more with every wager you make? Do you need further information about the best terms of each VIP deal? This page is the right place to understand which racebook will give the best VIP offer.

VIP Betting Rewards

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VIP Wagering in the USA

First of all, let's explain these reward programs. Maybe you already know about them, but some brief refresh is always welcome. We want to provide useful and interesting information, so this section is also helpful.

In general, VIP means 'Very Important Person', but in betting it's 'Very Important Player'. Once you're important, you deserve special treatments. The VIP members are those customers with:

  1. Bigger bankroll for online betting.
  2. Habits to have fun and to wager often on horses races.
  3. Needs to get the best features (like live streaming, personal assistant, free picks, etc).
  4. Better bonus offers.
  5. VIP only invitations for top tracks and sports events.

How to become VIP bettor

That is the most often question. The answer is only one, and it's quite simple. His actions treat a person. In the horse betting world, it means how much and how often you wager. With every stake, you earn points which qualify your account for specific VIP level.

Of course, for new customers, everything starts from the beginning. It's like climbing the ladder of high rollers. Every account has a status, and once you're eligible to enter the Club, everything starts to happen.

What are the VIP rewards

  • Exclusive access to top races.
  • Bigger odds for most popular tracks.
  • Higher cash back rates.
  • More attractive betting features.
  • Free picks on daily basis.

Every VIP program has full information about how to achieve each level and what are the benefits.

VIP horse betting sites in the USA

These wagering companies offer the best terms for VIP membership. You can always expect more as member of any of them. Everything starts with a bonus and then you can use all available options:

best vip club

Top VIP racebook

Very attractive combination of specials, organized especially for top players.

  • More reward points than usual.
  • Fees free deposits.
  • Exclusive Daymaker selections every month.
  • Private access to top locations by Turf Club, Winners Circle, Legends VIP Lounge
  • VIP membership in 5 levels
  • Expanded limits for deposit/withdrawals.
  • Aaccount anniversery and birthday gifts.
  • Dedicated VIP manager for assistance.
  • Bigger bonus to invite other VIP players.

You can try this service with $100 welcome bonus

top vip bets

Most popular VIP site

Probably the best wagering platform for legal betting in the USA.

  • Free access to elite racetrack.
  • More cash back for US-based tracks.
  • High roller bonuses every month.
  • Totally free program (live or simulcast).
  • Lucrative benefits for every member (no exceptions).
  • Private invitation for top locations in the USA.
  • More rewards on monthly basis.
  • Unique Kentucky Derby Specials.
  • Double reward points for selected days or races.
  • Free bets, free players' pools entries and big jackpots.

You can start with $100 bonus using desktop site or free mobile app.

super vip racebook

Super VIP wager club

Super promotions, private offers, great features and benefits.

  • Live streaming and race playes with no limits.
  • Absolutely free Past Performance.
  • Free entry to prize draws.
  • VIP only phone support and help desk.
  • No fees on credit and debit card transfers.
  • Overnight payments.
  • VIP only betting contests and tournaments.
  • Access to hospitaly events.

You're welcome to try this super site with $20 free cash and $100 start bonus.

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