TwinSpires Free Bets

In 2017 TwinSpires started a campaign with 100% free bets which are given upon registration. These offers are still active, and you can begin wagering on horse races without any deposit.

Sounds good?  Do you wanna know what the current free bet promotions that you can grab at TwinSpires?

twinspires free bet bonus

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How to get free bet at TwinSpires

There are four ways to do that:

  • Use promo code FREE10 in the registration process of new account - you will receive immediately $10 free bet
  • Invite friends to bet at TwinSpires - they'll get $10 free bet and you too
  • Participate in the monthly contests or exclusive promotions to get free bet as cash back
  • ake Kentucky Derby free bet specials (because TwinSpires is the official betting partner)

That's all. Nothing complicated or too difficult to understand.

What can be the best case scenario:

  • Get your free bet upon registration
  • Start inviting your pals to join the club and continue to earn
  • Make bets on races with cash back promotion to stay in the money

It's not a piece of advice on what to do, but this way looks very good. If you know which offer to use for free bets, just open an account at TwinSpires and start wagering on horse racing.

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