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Triple Crown USA

Triple Crown is the biggest horse racing event in the USA. It includes three different racetracks from the United States. Every year it starts with Kentucky Derby, then it comes Preakness Stakes and Belmont Stakes.

They're run every year in May and June. It is also known as Triple Crown of Thoroughbred Racing because it includes three races for three-year-old thoroughbred horses. These races are also known with slogans (and their locations):

Kentucky Derby

"The Run for the Roses" Louisville, Kentucky

Preakness Stakes

"The Run for the Black-Eyed Susans" Pimlico, Baltimore

Belmont Stakes

"The Test of the Champion" Belmont Park, New York I

t's interesting that we can find similar races in over 30 different countries.

It all starts with Kentucky Derby which is a 2-week festival. It has a lot of traditions, and there is no interruption of this race during the years. Also, there are about two weeks between each race, and the last one is probably the toughest.

If you wish to place a successful bet, you need to inform yourself very well. Sometimes some facts can help.

Triple Crown Horse Racing

This fantastic combination of horses has a fascinating history. The first Trophy winner is dated in early 1919, and that's Sir Barton. Since then the history includes many winners like Galant Fox (1930), Omaha (1935), War Admiral (1937), and more.

The most famous horse in history, the real legend of Triple Crown is Secretariat (1973). This horse keeps the record, and there is a long story behind this horse, which may be called an inspiration for generations. It's also interesting to see a big gap between the Trophy winners.

The races require great performance, along with durability and speed (sometimes and good weather as well).

Triple Crown Betting Online

Each of these races includes additional challenges. For every player, it's an honor to win all of them in a row, even when there is no extra trophy. To compensate the bettors, all local US racebooks have amazing promotions during this period.

You can enjoy festive bonuses, huge prize pools, cash-back, and exclusive deals. It's also known between players as:

  • The VIP event that everyone can enjoy
  • High odds for big winnings with a regular size bet.
  • The most precise bets based on big data and a lot of stats.

If you wish to start betting on Triple Crown you can choose from:

  • Try your lucky day and pick a horse just like that.
  • Read the full information about the horses, jockeys, training, tradition, etc.

It's not only about winning, but it's also prestigious to show a winning ticket from each of the Triple Crown races. Especially, when you have such controversial moments like the decisions during Kentucky Derby 145 (May 4, 2019).

In addition, to enjoy the betting you can use:

  1. Free mobile app to access the latest odds and place a new bet at any time. It may also work for an unexpected scratched racehorse, which happens from time to time.
  2. Free live video to enjoy the race in HD, watch a free past performance and race replays.
  3. Free and pro picks by industry experts.

It's a pleasure to wager on Triple Crown!

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