Legal Horse Race Betting in the USA

legal horse betting

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Legal online betting in USA

This betting type is very popular for US players. Some of the biggest world tracks are from US-venues. Clients from over 35 states are allowed place bets through the Internet. There are some restrictions by states to which types of wagering you're able to use.

Actually it's legal in 38 states (in over 75% of the USA it's allowed by law). The main reason to take advantage of this betting comes from the Interstate Horse Racing Act of 1978 (IHA). The update in 2000 makes it legal officially for Internet sites. In the 2006 Unlawful Internet Enforcement Gaming Act, it kept off-track betting legal (but only for US-based OTB sites).

However, the horse bet is rich of options, and this leads to different restrictions by state. In some locations it's possible to use all wagering features, in others, you can bet on a single race and no access to players' pools and others.

You can find the right information on the website you choose to gamble online. Where it's not allowed to bet on horse races? That's the list of all states where it's prohibited: Alaska, Arizona, Georgia, Hawaii, Mississippi, Missouri, Nebraska, Utah and some others.

Keep in mind that if you reside in some other state where it's OK to bet on horse races, you still should choose from US-regulated bookies.

Age requirement

There is a min age requirement to open a betting account. In most of the states it's 18 years, but in some, it's 19 (Alabama ) or 21 (Iowa, Kansas, New Hampshire, etc). There is no maximum age to become a real player

The law

Yes, it's legal as we mentioned above. There are two types of legal betting in the USA - allowed sports and allowed sites. This site is focused on offering both solutions for you (all-in-one service). Account verification It is required to verify your account. It's a security measure to protect all players. Every bookie has different procedures, but in general, it's necessary to verify your identity and age.

Personal information

In the registration form of many sites (which are 100% legal), it may be required to submit your SSN or TTN (Temporary taxation number). It can be asked for taxation, account verification, and further security. There is no credit check needed. Other personal information you need to submit is a name, email, phone number (especially if you want to wager via toll-free), address and age.


Do you need to pay taxes on your income from a racebook? The IRS requirement is for all winnings over $600 (at least 300 times the amount of a single wager). For more than $5,000 from a wagering transaction are subject to federal income tax withholding and 25% of the payoff must be withheld.


Since you choose to have an account at the legit bookie, all well-known methods are accepted (but it depends on the bookmaker). The deposit/withdrawal list includes PayPal, Green Dot, VISA & MasterCard, Neteller, Bank wire, MoneyGram, PayNearMe, Prepaid or Gift Cards, and more.

In need of help

If you have any problems and issues with any gambling site, or you're worried about something. There is a hotline with a toll-free number. You can rely on the National Council of Problem Gambling. Just call at 1 (800) 522-4700

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