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Horse Race Betting Online 101

The horse races are very attractive for betting from very long time, maybe it started back in the ancient times. In the 21st century, everything is much interesting, dynamic and there are more odds to bet on.

Track types

You can choose from all available types of horse races. In the following lines, you can read more about that

  1. Flat (Gallop) - Thoroughbred (sprints and routes), Quarter horses
  2. Harness
  3. Steeplechase (Jumping)
  4. Endurance (Long-distance between 25 and 100 miles)

The variety of bets is very good and suitable for all kind of players - from experts to new customers. They can be classified into two different sections - Straight & Exotics.

Straight Horse bets

  • Win - single bet to win the race
  • Place - to appear in the top 3 places. It's for a 1st and 2nd place with 5 horses race or 7 when it's at UK venue. 3rd place is qualified when there are 10 horses in the track. It's very rare to see the 4th position included, and it can appear only for races with 15 horses.
  • Show - to be in the first three positions at the end of the track.
  • Across the Board - combination of Win, Show and Place

Classic Exotic bets

  1. Exacta - predict the exact outcome for 1st and 2nd position (high odds).
  2. Quinella - predict the two horses on 1st and 2nd place (it doesn't matter which one is the winner. This type is easier.)
  3. Trifecta - predict the exact final positions of top 3 places.
  4. Superfecta - it's like Trifecta but for first four fields.

Advanced Exotic odds

  • Boxing - like Quinella for Exacta, you can use it as a solution for Trifecta and Superfecta. Just predict which horses will be in the top 3 or 4 list
  • Daily Double - exciting offer for big odds. Predict the winner of two consecutive tracks in a row.
  • Pick 3,4,5,6 - predict the 1st place (the winner) of up to 6 races in a row. It's like Daily Double, but for up to 6 races

Popularity in the USA: The most significant events are Belmont Stake and Saratoga (New York), Kentucky Derby, Del Mar (California), Arlington (Illinois), Oaklawn (Arkansas) and more.

Online betting offers

The welcome bonus is an offer which you can see at all betting sites. It's a reload of your very first deposit. Usually, it's 100% up to $100. It's good to pay attention to how big will be your first deposit because that's the only one you can use for all welcome offers. A regular deposit between $50 and $100 means you can double it. For deposits above the limit, there is no reload. For example - deposit $200 using an offer 100% up to $100, and you will get only $100 bonus. A new trend in the US wagering market is the Free Bet promotion. It's only for new customers, and there is no need to make a deposit to claim free bonus. It's a fantastic offer to start wagering with no deposit, no risk and at the same time with real chance to win money. The other offers you can use are:

  • Players' pools - tote pool betting with big jackpots
  • Reward programs - you can earn points with every stake and convert to cash
  • Refer a friend bonus - invite your friends to bet together and get up to $100/$200 for each referral

The good news is that all US tracks are available. It also includes live video (live streaming or TV) to watch the races in real time.

Off track betting features

There many useful tools in favor of all players:

  1. Latest results with stats about the horses, jockeys, tracks, venue.
  2. Free past performance
  3. A free live video, also known as live streaming or Sports TV
  4. Free picks powered by leading experts in the market.
  5. Handicapping stores (usually free)
  6. Bet cancellation - if you change your mind
  7. Daily news, stats and race replays

Types of online wagering

  • Online - using Internet site, app or service.
  • Mobile - via mobile app or mobile racebook platform.
  • By phone - call and wager.
  • Touch-tone - using the dial menu of your mobile.

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