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Welcome horse racing wagering bonuses

Today you may visit a betting site, and there is an advert for a cash bonus. It looks pretty attractive especially when you can get about $100 just like that. It's normal to start asking questions if you don't have any experience with these offers.

  • What is welcome bonus for off track wagering?
  • How to get the best deal for me?
  • What are the current promotions that I can use?
  • Is there any specific condition once my account is funded with a bonus.
  • How to get the maximum bonus?

Welcome betting bonus

The welcome bonus is the sign-up offer that you can grab with your first deposit. It's called 'sign up' because the proposal is only for new customers. There is no chance to get this deal with every registration with your details (it's possible to make only one).

Also, the promotion is just for the very first deposit, because for all others you can switch to loyalty points or cash back (or there is no other bonus, which is very rare but pretty sad).

Wagering sign up bonus details

The sign-up promotion is very simple (and very similar) at each racebook. It can match your very first transfer with any payment method (there are no restrictions in general). Usually, it's 100% up to $100. It means with a deposit of $100 you can wager with $200.

It can happen instantly with some exceptions (when the bonus is given upon betting). It's good to know is it a deposit reload or wagering reload, because some bookies will provide you with the free cash once the bet is placed.

What is good to know about the bonuses

The reload size, displayed in percentage (%). It means how much your money will be matched. The maximum amount in US dollars ($). That's the maximum bonus you can get in cash.

For example a regular offer with a 100% bonus up to $50, with a minimum deposit of $10. That means for your first deposit between $10 and $50 you will double the money.

Everything above $50 will not count (it won't be multiplied).

Horse betting bonus offers

They're made to give you a better start with online wagering. The whole bonus scheme is usually much bigger, and you can take advantage of it. The so-called bonus structure has:

  1. Welcome bonus (what we are talking about here).
  2. Wager rewards (to get rebate).
  3. Seasonal offers (for the most popular races).
  4. Social deals to invite your friends.

Bigger bonus - better chance

When you visit a new racebook, it takes time to get familiar with all new things, features, and tools. It's normal to try them and using the bonus is a good solution. Also, you can focus the money power directly to a more significant winning.

In general, with such extra cash, you can wager more. With $100 you can bet for the next 4-5 tracks, but when you have $100 more, it's possible to make much bigger stakes, try different odds (especially the exotics) or bet more.

In all cases, it's a great opportunity which you can consume only at online betting sites (usually the locals don't have such things). Notice: Some promotions have promo codes (or coupons).

Be careful to use the right one, because it's a one time process and it can't be undone (reversed).

Off track betting bonuses

The US market is very friendly when we talk about deals and bonuses. The horse racing industry is trendy for a very long time, and all racebooks are ready to surprise you with an attractive cash bonus. Top online promotions are:

It's easy to see how awesome are these offers and why we should always check them because no one will give you free money just like that. Once you're ready to make a deposit, why not to double it or just to get some free extra cash.

Remember: These deals are at legal wagering sites. That means they're fair and transparent. However, it's recommended to read the bonus terms. All tracks from the USA are included - Del Mar, Saratoga, Kentucky Derby, Breeders' Cup and all others.

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