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Do you need free expert handicapping for upcoming races? Do you want to know which ways is the best one to get free information? Do you need a right place to use the handicapping picks to win?

Every player who needs handicapping is going to bet with real money. That's the reality in these days, and that's how it works for a very long time. So, it's essential to use the expert information only and nothing else.

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Top Handicapping Services

In the USA you can find a lot of handicapping providers, but actually which ones are the very best. It's all about winning, and when you're going to bet with your own money,

it's really important to stick the leaders. After deep research on the market in the last few days, it's evident that Equibase and Brisnet provide the most interesting solutions.

Equibase is the leading horse information provider of the leading wagering sites. Brisnet has a long history and reputation.

So, the question is how to use them for free and still use the PRO service?

The free handicapping sites

Since you're going to make a bet with this information, it's normal to have an account at a betting site (if you're interested in legal online wagering). The tricky moment is that some of the best racebooks are ready to provide this service for free.

If you're using these sites for betting, and you have funds in your account, then you can grab the free info just like that. All races are included, so you don't need to wait for the most popular.

Which ones are the betting sites with free handicapping information:

  • TwinSpires - it uses Brisnet service. It's free if you have money in your account or you can get a return upon wagering.
  • TVG - Provides free Equibase information. You will get 100% on the Day Pass refund if you bet at least $25.

For both sites you need to:

  1. Have an account
  2. Make a deposit
  3. Bet on the horse races

Which site to choose to get free handicapping?

Both of them have:

  • Free past performance and race replays.
  • Live streaming in HD quality.
  • Free picks for top races by their experts.
  • 100$ bonus for new players.
  • Mobile apps, smartphone and tablet site.

So, you can use both of them and keep your account active only the place where you win more.

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