Cash back betting promotions

The cashback offers are also known as money back specials. They're very popular for horse betting in the USA. 

cashback betting

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Cashback horse betting promotions

You can choose from three different types:

  • Regular offers on a monthly or weekly basis
  • VIP rewards with a bigger refund
  • Events/Tracks oriented offers

All of these deals do not require to use any promotional code. Just to participate in any deal which is available in your account. To take advantage of each promo, you need first to register an account. Important: It's good to read what's the maximum return in percentage and amount of money.

Usually, it's 100% up to $25 or $50, but each offer is different, and you can not rely on the same rules.

In general, the cash back is given as a free bet, so you can use it only to wager again, it's not possible to make a withdrawal.

Current cash back promotions for racing betting:

  • 100% bets returned if you use VIP picks
  • Weekly refund for top tracks from the USA
  • Selected tracks and tournaments with money back specials

All these promotions for cashback can be a subject of improvement or change.

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